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Smart Thermostat installer

H2 Heating and Renewables Ltd is dedicated to offering environmentally friendly heating solutions. Our smart thermostat services enable homeowners to take control of their heating systems, decrease energy waste, and enjoy increased comfort and convenience.

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Smart thermostat installation Sydenham

Smart Thermostat Installation: Our Services

Our smart thermostat installation services are designed to make it easier than ever to operate your heating system. Based on your specific needs and preferences, We can assist you in selecting the best smart thermostat for your home, these include TADO, NEST, WISER and HIVE.  As a registered installer of TADO and WISER I can offer 5 year extended warranties on these products.

Smart Thermostats  

A Smart Thermostat is a digital, wi-fi connected thermostat that controls your heating /hot water. It allows you to check and control them remotely via an app on your phone or tablet. You can also control a Smart Thermostat within your home, without using an app,  using the room thermostat interface.  “Smart” is the word for these innovations - over time they learn what your requirements are and make adjustments to your heating demand to optimise  your energy use based on when you’re home and what your personal temperature preferences are. This happens automatically resulting in you experiencing stable room temperatures and lower energy costs.

If you have a hot water cylinder we can also install a smart immersion heater controller.

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Heating that is good for the environment

Smart thermostats are a fantastic alternative for environmentally conscious homes. You'll be able to cut energy waste and save money on your energy costs by controlling your heating system more efficiently. With a smart thermostat installed in your house, you'll be helping to protect the environment while also improving your comfort and convenience.

Pricing Transparency and Dependable Service

When it comes to pricing, at H2 Heating and Renewables Ltd recognise the value of transparency. That is why, with no hidden fees or charges, we offer fair rates for all our smart thermostat installation and repair services. 

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Contact H2 Heating and Renewables Ltd if you're ready to take control of your heating system and experience better comfort and convenience in your home.   To schedule your smart thermostat installation or repair service, call 0785 728 1476 or WhatsApp me or email h2heating@gmail.com .

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