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Unvented Hot water cylinders

At H2 Heating and Renewables Ltd, we offer comprehensive unvented cylinder service and repair services.  Experienced heating engineer  dedicated to ensuring that your unvented cylinder is running smoothly and efficiently, providing you with reliable and consistent hot water when you need it.

Is an Unvented cylinder a suitable option for your home? Visit our Megaflo page to learn more about the options available.

Water unvented Cylinder Sydenham

Unvented Cylinder Service

Regular servicing of your unvented cylinder is crucial to ensure it operates efficiently, effectively and safely. Unvented cylinders should be serviced on an annual basis. We can provide a thorough and comprehensive unvented cylinder service to identify and address any potential issues before they become serious concerns. Regular servicing also helps to extend the lifespan of your system, saving you money in the long run. I service and repair the following makes of unvented cylinder :

Telford, Heatrae Sadia, Gledhill, Kingspan, Megaflow, RM Cylinders, Everflo, Ideal Uvgold, Vaillant,  Baxi, Joule, and Advance cylinders.

Unvented Cylinder Repair

If your unvented cylinder is experiencing issues,  I will  quickly diagnose and fix any problems with your system, ensuring that you have access to reliable hot water when you need it most.

Ask about fitting a Smart Thermostat Immersion Heater


The T-Smart mobile phone app works  allows control of hot water when you need it most. Being able to control the thermostat remotely means you can turn off the immersion when it’s not needed, safely securing the water heater in frost protection mode whilst conserving energy and saving you money on running costs.

The Benefits of Having an Unvented Cylinder

Unvented cylinders offer several benefits to homeowners, including increased efficiency, lower energy bills, and consistent hot water. Because they don't require a cold water tank, they take up less space than traditional hot water systems. They're also quieter and more energy-efficient, which means lower energy bills and reduced carbon footprint.

G3 Qualification

As a fully qualified and experienced engineer working with unvented cylinders. Holding the G3 qualification, a legal requirement for anyone who installs, services, or repairs unvented hot water storage systems. This qualification ensures engineers have necessary skills and knowledge to provide high-quality and above all safe services to our customers. So when you choose H2 Heating and Renewables Ltd for your unvented cylinder needs, you can trust that you're in safe hands.

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At H2 Heating and Renewables Ltd, we're committed to providing efficient and cost-effective hot water solutions. Contact us today to schedule your unvented cylinder service or repair. Call us at 0785 728 1476 or  WhatsApp me or email us at h2heating@gmail.com to book your appointment today.

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